Caution: Shoveling Snow Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Snow Shoveling Tips From Our Milwaukee Snow Removal Pros

Brennan Shoveling SnowYou might think no one needs advice on how to shovel snow. You just pick up a shovel and go at it, right? And yet, every winter we hear stories on the news about homeowners who have heart attacks while shoveling snow--many of them with no prior history of heart problems. So what is going on?

All too often, homeowners go from a warm house to the freezing cold and immediately start shoveling as quickly as possible to get the job done. Bad idea. You need to go slowly and give your cardiovascular system time to adjust. Also, anyone with a history of heart problems should definitely avoid shoveling. Either get a snow blower or consider Brennan Landscaping’s Milwaukee snow removal service.

For those determined to clear their own driveways and sidewalks with a shovel, we offer these tips to make it through the snowy months ahead:

-Work slowly until you’ve warmed up. Cold weather causes arteries to constrict, which reduces the flow of blood and, consequently, the supply of oxygen to the heart. When you’re shoveling, your heart is working harder because it isn’t getting the oxygen it needs. Start out slowly and give your heart time to adjust. After every 15 minutes of shoveling, take a break for a few minutes.

-Shovel earlier in the day when the snow is lighter. Whenever possible, shovel when the snow is still fresh on the ground. If it’s a big snowstorm, don’t wait for the snow to stop. Clear your steps and driveway several times throughout the day to avoid having to lift large, heavy shovelfuls of snow.

-Lift with your legs, not your back. Bend at your knees when scooping up a shovel full of snow, then extend your legs and use those muscles to lift the snow. Also, you should always have your shoulders and hips squarely facing the snow you’re about to lift. When you lift at an angle, you risk throwing your back out.

-Wax your snow shovel. Put a couple of heavy coats of car wax on your snow shovel to keep snow from sticking to it. You can also use spray-on furniture polish (wipe it off, of course). Yes, this works even on plastic shovels!

-Help a neighbor out. If you have a snow blower (or a strong back and a shovel) and see your older neighbor next door struggling to shovel out, offer to lend a hand to help clear their driveway. Good deeds rarely go unrewarded.

About Our Milwaukee Snow Removal Service

Milwaukee Snow Removal ServiceAlthough we are based in Wauwatosa, Brennan Landscaping provides snow removal services throughout the Milwaukee area. Whether it’s snow blowing walkways in Waukesha or plowing a parking lot in Pewaukee, we are equipped to handle any size job. A limited number of snow removal contracts are still available for the season, so get in touch with us today.

For a free quote on residential or commercial snow removal services in Milwaukee, contact us today.

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