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Light Up Your Milwaukee Landscaping

The first Sunday in November brings the dreaded switch to standard time. Depressing as it may be, the time change brings on darkness at 4:30 pm. Unless, of course, you have outdoor landscape lighting from Milwaukee’s top landscape design company, Brennan Landscaping.

Outdoor lighting not only adds a warm, welcoming feel to any home, it also deters intruders and makes walkways and patios safer. If you have a dark entryway with steps, strategically placed lighting can prevent visitors (or even your own family members!) from tripping and falling. In addition to lighting designed to complement stone and brick patio installations, our Milwaukee landscaping experts can configure night lighting to highlight the architecture of your home and its landscaping. Even in winter, it’s so nice to flick on the outdoor lights and see your backyard lit up at night. You may even spy a few deer in the freshly fallen snow!

Milwaukee Driveway Light InstallationMilwaukee Landscaping Company Offers Landscape Lighting Expertise, Too

As one of Milwaukee’s top landscaping companies, Brennan Landscaping has extensive experience designing outdoor lighting systems. Whether you want to create a soft, romantic mood or a dramatic, well-lit accent, our landscape designers will work with you to get just the right ambiance. We know what elements of your landscaping will reflect light and what elements will absorb it in order to achieve the results you want. A good place to start is with a rough sketch of your yard depicting the features you want to highlight with lighting. We’ll come out to your property to meet with you and discuss your ideas and goals, then we’ll get back to you with a more detailed plan of action.

Best Outdoor Lighting Solution For Your Home or Business

While there are many affordably priced, DIY solar lighting kits available at home improvement stores, the majority of this lighting does not perform nearly as well or last anywhere as long as hard-wired lighting. Solar lighting is great for small areas which do not require much light—such as adding a decorative touch around a bird bath. For larger areas, areas that are in the shade most of the day, or anywhere you really need a dependable and bright light, you are almost always much better off with lighting that is hard-wired into your home’s electrical system. Something else to keep in mind: Although the LED bulbs of solar lighting fixtures can last 10 years, they tend to have a cold, blue-ish hue, aren’t nearly as bright as electrical bulbs and will gradually lose brightness over time.

Low-voltage electric lights, on the other hand, offer all the brightness you could possibly want along with exceptional durability. A professionally installed low-voltage system can add significant value to your home for a relatively modest initial cost. The energy used will vary depending on how elaborate your landscape lighting is, but for most homeowners the impact on their monthly utility bill is fairly small. All things considered, we believe hard-wired electrical light systems are the best outdoor lighting solution for most homes and businesses. For a business concerned with deterring intruders, electric lighting is undoubtedly the best solution.

Get Your Landscape Lighting In Before The Winter Freeze!

Since the electrical cables required for a hard-wired lighting installation must be run in the ground, there is only a limited amount of time before the ground freezes solid and makes these installations impossible. We usually get a last minute rush of homeowners wanting to get outdoor landscape lighting installed before winter. Although we try to accommodate everyone, the sooner you get us going on your lighting project the better.

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"The owner truly cared about creating an authentic plan for my yard. I utilize the patio more than I ever expected to. The job took an extra week to finish, but the quality of the work and materials were worth it. Meticulous work."

– Cindy, Green Bay

You did a great job, Tim, we could not be happier. We also enjoyed working with such a nice and professional person.

– Michael, Fox Point

Thank you for the beautiful landscaping job! So many people have commented on how nice it looks.”

– Marie, Wauwatosa

Thank you for all your hard work on our project. We are thrilled with our patio and are very excited to complete the backyard landscaping this spring.”

– Jay, Fox Point