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4 Reasons To Install An Irrigation System For Your Home This Summer

Milwaukee Irrigation System InstallationIf you've been getting by without an irrigation system for your landscaping, you know what a hassle it is to drag the hose/sprinkler combo around your yard whenever there's a dry spell. Then, if you don’t move the hose after you're done watering, your lawn is left with an imprint of the hose. Lovely.

Besides the obvious (and significant) benefit of saving a lot of time and hassle, an in-ground irrigation system has other benefits as well. Let’s take a look at why it’s worth investing in one.

Save Water

Watering by hand or with a sprinkler results in about half of the water you use evaporating. This is largely because you water during daylight hours when temperatures are warmer and the sun is out. With a programmable irrigation system you can time your watering for nighttime, when the water won’t evaporate so quickly. Besides more water going to your plants, you also use about 30% to 50% less water.

Ah, but what happens when it rains? Don’t the plants get overwatered? Actually, no. The automatic irrigation systems we install have rain sensors, which automatically prevent them from watering if it is already raining.

Healthier Gardens and Lusher Lawns

Irrigation systems provide your lawn and landscaping the perfect condition for growing: Regular, slow paced watering with smaller amounts of water than is possible by hand watering or using sprinklers. You’ll have a greener lawn and healthier landscaping.

Fewer weeds

Unlike a rainstorm or aiming a hose in the general direction of your plantings, a drip irrigation system can deliver water precisely where it’s needed. This minimizes the chances of seeds from nearby weeds germinating, which in turn saves you from having to pull weeds out of your landscaped areas. Also, since water isn’t left on your plants’ foliage, the risk of blight diseases is dramatically minimized.

Better Soil Structure

Here’s the problem: When you water with a hose, it’s easy to overdo it. The soil just can’t absorb the water fast enough, which results in nutrients in the soil flowing away with the excess water. Watering with a hose also leads to soil compaction. If you can’t figure out why your plants are withering up in spite of all your watering, it may well be due to soil compaction.

Irrigation systems, on the other hand, distribute small droplets of water over your plants at regular intervals. There is never any risk of overwatering to the point of soil runoff or soil compaction. Your soil retains the vital nutrients plants need to thrive.

Professional Irrigation System Installation For Homes and Businesses Throughout Southeast Wisconsin

Brennan Landscaping has installed in-ground irrigation systems for hundreds of homes and businesses all over the greater Milwaukee area. With our extensive knowledge of plants, we are well-equipped to design a system perfectly suited to your landscaping.

CAUTION: If you are planning on installing an irrigation system yourself using an outside faucet, and you have a water softening system in your home, STOP!

Water softeners use salt to eliminate the minerals in hard water. The sodium that remains in the water is terrible for plants and soil. Not only will it slowly kill your plants, but it will cause a buildup of salt on the surface of your soil and lawn which will make it virtually impossible to keep any plants (including your grass) alive.

A professional irrigation system installation will tap into the water supply line going into your house to ensure no soft water is used for watering your lawn and plants.

For a free estimate on professionally installed irrigation systems in the Milwaukee area, contact the landscaping pros at Brennan Landscaping today.

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