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Brennan Landscaping is the industry leading resource for all your outdoor landscape needs.  From simple lawn maintenance to completely custom and unique landscape designs, Brennan Landscape is the best landscaping contractor in Milwaukee.  Our experienced Milwaukee landscapers provide valuable industry insight on the latest innovations and methodologies.  From the newest outdoor night lighting products to inspirational landscape designs, check our landscape news articles for the latest and greatest in the landscaping industry.

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Look Out for this Invasive Species

Japanese Knotweed Terrorizes Wisconsin Backyards

Japanese Knotweed in Wisconsin

Knotweed is an invasive species that has plagued Europe and recently colonized North America, specifically the Great Lakes region. The knotweed infestation is far more distressing than a typical weed. It grows rapidly and powerfully, known for breaking through concrete and the fo...

When is the Best Time to Aerate & Overseed Your Lawn?

Affordable Fall Lawn Care from Brennan LandscapingWisconsin aeration and overseeding services

Fall is the best time to introduce new seed into your Wisconsin lawn through aeration and over-seeding. Brennan Landscaping offers a variety of commercial and residential lawn maintenance services. Our experienced landscaping professionals can aerate your lawn with a walk-behind device, which creates holes about half a...

Winter Snow Removal Services for Greater Milwaukee

Milwaukee snow removal service clearing snow from parking lotOn average, the Milwaukee area gets 46.9 inches of snow over the winter. Regardless of whether the forecasters predict a mild winter, it’s virtually inevitable we’ll get a few good snowfalls.

When the snow comes, Brennan Landscaping is ready wi...

Milwaukee Landscaping Service Answers The Most Commonly Asked Question About Creeping Charlie

"How Do I Get Rid of Creeping Charlie?"

Creeping charlie in Milwaukee yardWith its small scalloped edge leaves and small purple flowers, Creeping Charlie is a pretty little plant at first glance. Its invasive growth, though, is a nightmare for anyone who loves a lush, green lawn. What starts out as a few small areas of the yard with creeping Charlie can quickly beco...

Landscaping for Noise Reduction

Milwaukee Landscapers On The Use of Plants, Walls & Fences for Screening Out Ambient Noise

Outdoor noise is a common problem for homeowners in urban areas. Whether it’s from cars going by, the neighbor’s TV, or a bar down the street, outdoor noise can make a patio or deck considerably less appealing. Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet that will eliminate all ambient noise, but there are things you can do to mitigate its intrusion into your outdoor living space.

Fences and Walls: The thicker and taller, the better

Milwaukee Landscaping Company on Lawn Grading

Lawn in need of regrading
Sunken areas in a lawn fill up quickly with a heavy rain.

Lawn Grading: Do-it-yourself or Hire a Landscaper?

Lawn grading is all about contouring the earth around your lawn so that water doesn't pool up on any one spot or get into your house. If y...

Milwaukee Snow Removal Company on Rock Salt & De-Icers

What You Need To Know About De-Icers and Snow Removal This Winter

Milwaukee snow removal service also salts walkways.This is the time of year ice melting products and rock salt start showing up in the aisles of your local hardware store and big box home improvement center. Around here, even grocery stores have 20 lb. bags of the stuff piled up on pallets out front...

Milwaukee Landscaping Company on Fall Leaf Cleanup and Lawn Care

Almost Everything You Need To Know About Clearing Leaves From Your Yard

Fall lawn care tips from the pros at Brennan Landscaping in WauwatosaAh, fall! The cool, crisp air. The beautiful reds and yellows of leaves turning. And the blisters on your hands bursting open from hours of raking leaves to the curb!

While Brennan Landscaping offers a seasonal yard clean-up service, many homeowners choose to soldier through the annual ritual of leaf raking. It's goo...

How To Water Your Lawn

Milwaukee Landscapers On The Best Way To Keep Your Lawn Green Through Summer

It might seem like a no-brainer. You water your lawn by turning on the sprinkler, or aiming a hose on it, right? Well, actually, there’s a bit more to it than this. Especially during the long, hot days of summer.

Surprising as it may seem, watering the lawn can actually do more harm than good if done incorrectly. So, without further ado, here are a few tips to ensure a healthy lawn all summer long, especially when Mother Nature isn’t helping out with any rain:

How To Care For ...

4 Things To Consider if You're Looking to Have a Patio Installed

A Patio Primer From The Patio Pros at Brennan Landscaping

Brick patio construction When the weather turns warm in Wisconsin, everyone's ready to flee the house at the soonest opportunity. A warm, sunny day...we're outta here! And what better destination than the backyard patio--just a few steps away from all the goodies in the kitchen.

Whether it's a grill out or a chill out, spending time on the ...

Spring Lawn Problems To Watch For

Four Most Common Yard Problems After The Snow Melts

Spring Lawn Problems To Watch ForWe all love to see blades of green grass coming up as the snow melts. Unfortunately, winter often wreaks havoc on lawns in Wisconsin, and the much anticipated green turns out to look more like brown. Addressing problems early in the season will go a long way toward ensuring you have a healthy lawn when summer comes.

Here are ...

Winter Planning For Landscaping

It’s Winter…Time For Some Virtual Landscaping!

Online Resources Make Planning Your Spring Landscaping or Patio Project Easier

Milwaukee landscapers on landscaping appsOver the winter, landscaping and patio construction are about the last things on most homeowners’ to do lists. But winter is a great time to snuggle in with a sketchpad (or i...

Best Snow Removal Service in the Milwaukee Area

Wauwatosa Landscapers Provide Snow Removal Service Over The Winter Months

Best snow removal company in Milwaukee

Top 3 Reasons To Hire Brennan Landscaping For Winter Snow Removal


Brennan Landscaping On Irrigation Systems

4 Reasons To Install An Irrigation System For Your Home This Summer

Milwaukee Irrigation System InstallationIf you've been getting by without an irrigation system for your landscaping, you know what a hassle it is to drag the hose/sprinkler combo around your yard whenever there's a dry spell. Then, if you don’t move the hose after you're done watering, your lawn is le...

Milwaukee Spring Lawn Care To-Do List

Brennan Landscaping On The Top 4 Must-Do’s For Spring Lawns

Milwaukee spring lawn cleanup service for homes and businesses With the last patches of snow melting and temperatures on a gradual uptrend, it's time to think about getting your lawn back into shape for the upcoming summer. Brennan Landscaping offers these tips to get you started ...

Are You Ready For Patio Season?

Milwaukee Area Landscaping Pros Are Ready To Build Your Dream Patio

Milwaukee Patio and Wall Construction Contractors After being held captive indoors over another long and brutal Wisconsin winter, everyone is ready to get outside come spring. Many a homeowner has stood outside his back door on a sunny spring day and said: “It sure would be nice to have a patio out here.&r...

Caution: Shoveling Snow Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Snow Shoveling Tips From Our Milwaukee Snow Removal Pros

Brennan Shoveling SnowYou might think no one needs advice on how to shovel snow. You just pick up a shovel and go at it, right? And yet, every winter we hear stories on the news about homeowners who have heart attacks while shoveling snow--many of them with no prior history of heart problems. So what is going on?

All too often...

Professional Landscape Lighting from Brennan Landscaping

Light Up Your Milwaukee Landscaping

The first Sunday in November brings the dreaded switch to standard time. Depressing as it may be, the time change brings on darkness at 4:30 pm. Unless, of course, you have outdoor landscape lighting from Milwaukee’s top landscape design company, Brennan Landscaping.

Outdoor lighting not only adds a warm, welcoming feel to any home, it also deters intruders and makes walkways and patios safer. If ...


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