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Landscaping Tips and Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Top Milwaukee Landscapers

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Does walking on a snow-covered lawn harm the grass underneath?

If it’s just an occasional trek across the yard, it’s unlikely to cause any serious damage. However, it’s a good idea to avoid repeatedly walking on snow-covered grass because it compacts the snow, which ends up keeping it colder when the soil begins to warm in the spring. This smothers the grass and promotes the growth of snow mold.

Walking on the same snow-covered part of your lawn can also lead to a pathway of browned out grass when spring comes around. Same thing for snowmen. The weight of a snowman puts a lot of pressure on the grass underneath and will damage it to the point where it won’t green up come spring.

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What can I do about all the brown spots in my lawn where our dog went potty?

Unfortunately, the high levels of nitrogen in dog urine usually destroys grass beyond repair. If you’re diligent enough to carry around a squirt bottle filled with water, you can dilute the area where your dog urinates immediately afterward. This may be enough to encourage the grass to come back. In most cases, however, your only recourse is to scoop out the dead grass with a shovel (go about 1.5 inches deep) and either resod and reseed or put down a piece of sod you’ve pinched from a less obvious place in your yard.

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Do I need to be home when work is being done?

Typically not. The availability of water from your outdoor faucet and outdoor electrical outlets is usually necessary, but there's no need for you to stay home (unless you want to watch us work).

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What size patio should I have?

The size of your patio will depend on things like the size of your lot and how you plan to use your patio. If you entertain often, you may want a larger patio than someone who only plans to use the patio with family members and friends. We always design to the unique circumstances of each location, with consideration as to how the landscape will be used. Learn more in this article on things to consider when having a patio installed.

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How long will the landscape project take?

The amount of time necessary to complete a landscape project is dependent upon the scope of the project. Time lines will be provided once the size of the project has been determined.

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How do we get started?

Your initial contact with Brennan Landscaping will get the proverbial ball rolling. Simply call, email, or phone us and we will schedule a time to meet with you at your property.

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"The owner truly cared about creating an authentic plan for my yard. I utilize the patio more than I ever expected to. The job took an extra week to finish, but the quality of the work and materials were worth it. Meticulous work."

– Cindy, Green Bay

You did a great job, Tim, we could not be happier. We also enjoyed working with such a nice and professional person.

– Michael, Fox Point

Thank you for the beautiful landscaping job! So many people have commented on how nice it looks.”

– Marie, Wauwatosa

Thank you for all your hard work on our project. We are thrilled with our patio and are very excited to complete the backyard landscaping this spring.”

– Jay, Fox Point