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Landscape Lighting Delafield Wisconsin

Our Milwaukee landscape lighting contractors create unique and innovative outdoor night lighting designs and installations for homes and businesses throughout southeast Wisconsin. Outdoor lighting can range from something as simple as a few patio or garden area lights to dramatic architectural lighting installations.

Unlike the solar powered lights sold at big box stores, our professionally installed low-voltage electric lights give off a warm, appealing light and will provide many years of reliable service. If you've ever had to throw away your solar powered lights after a year because they stopped working or because exposure to the elements caused them to fade and crack, you know the sinking feeling of having thrown your money away. Brennan Landscaping only installs quality, built-to-last lighting fixtures that are easy on your energy bill.

Whether you are looking to set a mood or make a statement, the experienced landscape lighting installers at Brennan Landscaping can help you achieve your vision.

Landscape Lighting Welcomes Visitors And Deters Criminals

Outdoor lighting along an entryway or driveway provides a warm and welcoming appeal for any home or business. Adequate lighting also means added safety, minimizing the chance of accidental falls and discouraging possible intruders. From basic step lights illuminating the pathway to your home to a complete landscape lighting design highlighting different areas of your property, Brennan Landscaping is your trusted source for stunning outdoor lighting.

3 Trends in Landscape Lighting

Bollard Lighting FixturesBollard Light Stands

Bollards are those upright lighting fixtures typically seen outside businesses and in parks. The word "'bollard" derives from the short, thick posts on the decks of ships or on wharves that are used to secure a ship with rope. Today the term more often describes the posts used alonside roads to control traffic or to prevent cars from driving up on sidewalks.

There’s a growing trend toward the use of bollard lighting in residential landscapes to illuminate sidewalks and patio spaces. Most bollards have a modern design that works well with modern and mid-century modern architecture, but we’re increasingly seeing designs that will work with more conventional architecture.

The metal bollard lights shown here are just a small sampling of what's available.

Linear LED lighting on outdoor entryway stepsLinear Lighting

LED strip lighting and tape lighting is a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to add ambiance to an outdoor space, as well as make the area safer to navigate at night. This type of lighting looks great placed along the underside of step overhangs or along the underside of a deck’s railing.

While DIY strip lighting can be plugged into any outdoor outlet, there is also strip lighting that can be hard wired into an electrical system. For outdoor use, we recommend a hard wired system installed underground. Your lighting setup will be better protected from the elements that one that requires running an electrical cord into an outdoor outlet on the side of your house.

Smart lighting system app by LevitonSmart Lighting

It seems like just about everything now has some kind of “smart” app for use with a smartphone, and landscape lighting is no exception. There are now LED lighting systems that can be controlled from your smartphone over the internet. Besides turning the lighting on and off, you can control which lights are on, their output, and even the color of light produced.

If you're interested in these, or any other landscape lighting, get in touch with Brennan Landscaping to set up an appointment for an on-site assessment and estimate.

Contact the Milwaukee landscaping contractors at Brennan Landscaping today for superior outdoor landscape lighting design and installation.



"The owner truly cared about creating an authentic plan for my yard. I utilize the patio more than I ever expected to. The job took an extra week to finish, but the quality of the work and materials were worth it. Meticulous work."

– Cindy, Green Bay

You did a great job, Tim, we could not be happier. We also enjoyed working with such a nice and professional person.

– Michael, Fox Point

Thank you for the beautiful landscaping job! So many people have commented on how nice it looks.”

– Marie, Wauwatosa

Thank you for all your hard work on our project. We are thrilled with our patio and are very excited to complete the backyard landscaping this spring.”

– Jay, Fox Point